Chipping and the challenges that come with it….

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I am a horrible chipper! I can’t say it enough, haha… I find myself getting so frustrated while out on the course every time I have to chip my ball onto the green. Why is this particular skill so easy for some, but yet so difficult for others?? I literally can’t seem to get it right, no matter how hard I try.

I think practice makes perfect is definitely a good way to look at something like chipping. Every person I’ve asked about it has said it is something you have to practice over and over to get it right. I am famous for chipping the ball so hard that it flies across the green to the other side. Or, I get nervous and barely hit the dang ball. Therefore, I’m taking another swing to get it on the green. It is extremely embarrassing too!

Some tips I’ve been told are:

Try to calm down and not hold up right before you swing.

Follow through with your swing and don’t stop mid-way. This will cause you to slice the ball and send it soaring across the green.

Take distance into consideration and realize that you don’t have to kill the ball in order to get it up.

Choke down on your club so you have more control over your swing.

Step together and keep your feet closer to one another. If you aren’t standing far apart like you do when you drive the ball, you will have more control over your whole body.

Don’t be upset when you just can’t do it right the first time — practice, practice, practice!

Chipping is commonly talked about and I feel many people struggle with it. Even my dad and his friends who are great golfers find themselves being inconsistent with their chipping. I guess overall it’s ok to not be great at every aspect of the game. Sometimes you have to realize that just because you may be a great driver or maybe you hit your fairway clubs really well — you may always have something that holds up a great game for yourself. It’s ok, practice on the things that are challenging to you and try to improve in those areas.

I know that my chipping and putting is one of the worst parts of my game! I struggle every time I go out, so for me, that will be a perfect goal to have this upcoming season. I need to get out and practice those two skills, over and over. I need to be consistent with playing and making it a priority to stay on top of my game. You can’t improve on something if you’re not willing to put in the work. I am telling this to myself, haha.

Good luck out there with your chipping and if you are really good at this, I’d love some advice!