Five Good Habits Every Golfer Should Develop

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I recently read a very good article about this topic.  As a fairly new golfer, I have always needed to learn how to develop good habits while golfing.  The 5 good habits every golfer should develop are:

*Develop a good putting stroke.

*Maintaining a consistent swinging speed.

*Walking while golfing.

*Practicing a clear mindset.

*Learning swing techniques for direction and distance.

I definitely need to practice these habits!  I love the game of golf, but I find that not being consistent with playing can definitely hinder your game.  I have a very inconsistent game.  Being from Utah, we have so many beautiful courses that I still need to explore.  We typically go to the same ones, but maybe if I were to get these habits in check, I could try to play some of the more difficult courses.

I took golf lessons years ago before getting married and having children. It was very good for me and if I would have stuck with those habits I did learn, I feel I would be a much better golfer by now.  The one habit I read about in this article that stood out to me was walking while golfing. I didn’t realize how it can cause a calming effect over you and in return, that can help your game stay more consistent. It also lets you explore the golf course and enjoy your surroundings!

Developing a good putting stroke is a good one too.  I had no idea how important it was to get good and consistent with your putting. I can play a great hole, but when it comes to chipping and putting — I am not consistent!  I can add strokes to my game just by being horrible at those two things. It can be very frustrating for any golfer.

Having a clear mindset is a great habit to develop as well. Have you ever had a long, stressful day and at the end of it you have made a tee time?  You think “gosh, I can’t wait to go relax on the golf course.”  Well, you get out there and start your game. The sun is bright and beautiful, the sunset will soon be there in the distance, you have a nice cold beverage and you are ready to enjoy the game of golf!  But, that is not the case once you are a few holes in. You find yourself getting more and more frustrated with the way you are playing. You find yourself thinking about your long day at work and all the challenges you had. You start to play worse and worse and before you know it, you are wanting to just give up for the night. Having a clear mindset when you golf is extremely important!

For me, the last habit is critical to learn. I would love to have a swing technique that helps with my direction and distance. I would love to know how to be consistent and keep my drives pointed in the way I want them to go. To be able to maintain a good distance so my strokes to the hole are less and less.

Maybe I’ll focus on that this year when the season gets up and going. For now, I’ll dream of those days haha!  January in Utah can be very unpredictable – but for the most part, it’s cold and snowy.  This year we have had more of a dry winter, so I guess we’ll see what the next couple months bring!