Is your swing messing up your golf game?

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I recently read about how your swing can mess up your whole golf game. I have always known this, but never really thought much more into it. I took golf lessons years ago and I was always told to make sure your backswing is slow and steady. Make sure you are lining your chin up with both shoulders as you come through with your swing.

My dad actually has the opposite — his back swing is short and quick. He is a great golfer so clearly it doesn’t affect his game like you would think. He has always been told he needs to slow down his swing, but why? If he is doing well and playing a great game, he has no reason to change his golf habits, right? I always tell him to do whatever feels comfortable to him. If you saw his golf swing you would definitely be shocked at how he does so well though, haha.

For me, I do feel it’s best that I take it slow and steady. I don’t like rushing my swing really, because I feel it causes my arms to be out of control. My spouse would agree. I am always being told that I have a great backswing, but I don’t put all my power into it. I am always trying to work on this. I may have a nice, smooth swing but where is the power to sore that ball through the air?? I am lacking that for sure and need to work on it as each season comes.

My mom tends to have a more wobbly backswing, but yet she can hit the ball fairly well each time. She seems to stay consistent in her drives and never really struggles with that. My sister is a dang good golfer and has it all. Her backswing is smooth and perfect — then her power comes through and watch out! She is a Rockstar on the golf course and I am jealous of her talent that way, haha.

So it’s very interesting to see how everyone golfs so differently. How their backswing can look totally opposite of mine. How you can be told to do it a certain way, but yet I don’t feel there really is a right or wrong way to swing. I tend to stay consistent and my drives are fairly straight every time. I’m thankful I took some lessons and at least got the basics down. I would highly recommend anyone take lessons so they are able to understand the game of golf and how it all works.  You can see what is best for you when it comes to certain swings or technique. I don’t feel there is a right or wrong way to golf. I don’t feel you should be told your swing isn’t right or you are doing it all wrong.

If something is working for you, then don’t change it. Stick with what is comfortable and consistent. If you do feel something needs to be changed, do your research on how you maybe can switch things up. Watch the golf channel and learn from the pros. I will admit, that has helped me before!