Lining up your golf ball when putting….

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Ok everyone, so do you do this? I have always loved watching how everyone lines up their golf ball when putting or if they even do. I literally have seen people draw a line on their golf balls so when they are putting they can use that as a guide. I think it’s a great idea, but for me, it hasn’t really worked. Maybe because I’m horrible at putting, haha!

So if you do line up your ball on the putting green – how do you do it? I have read many articles indicating how it helps you so much with following the lines of the green. How it helps you to see where the ball is going to go. Does it help everyone or do you have your own technique with putting?

For me, I like to line my club up with the putting green and see where the lines are going. I hold the club up in the air, in front of my face, and I see where the green is going. You can do this easily by lining the shaft of your club up to the hole. That will give you a line to follow and will show you if the green is leaning one way or another. I’ve never used my ball to line up. I should probably give it a try this year though. I see successful putts when others do it, but I typically find success with my own putting the way that I do it.

Do you struggle with putting? I have to admit, it is one of my biggest issues when it comes to golfing. I can drive the ball fairly well, I can use my hybrids pretty good and I typically make it close to the green fairly easily. But chipping and putting is a whole other story for me!  I really need to practice that this year and get better at it. I feel like there are days where I kill it on the course and others where I wonder why I even golf, ha!

Chipping is a whole other blog so I will be doing one on that, but putting is what I wanted to highlight in this one. What I have learned recently is that when you hold the club steady and straight, it helps a lot with keeping your ball straight and lined up to where you want it to go. I always put my pointer finger down the shaft of the club handle to keep my wrists straight and steady. I can see how your whole putt can be “off” if you don’t keep those lines.

Here is a great video that I watched, showing you how to putt the golf ball straight: How To Putt The Golf Ball Straight | Golf Topic Reviews – Bing video

I absolutely love that it is short and straight to the point! I think it’s such great advice to keep your shoulders straight and keep those arms down and in line with everything. I love how smooth his putting looks! I am definitely going to try this and see if slowing down my swing will help with my putting. I think it will keep me more in line and help that ball not fly passed the hole.

Good luck on your putting and I hope you can do some research like this if you are needing some additional training or advice!