Things I wish I would have known when I bought my golf clubs….

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Do you ever think about what you really need to play golf?  Most people would say, well duh, I need golf clubs!  Haha, and they are right.  But have you ever thought what type of clubs you truly need or even how many?  I had never pondered this idea until  I saw an article about it.

Most people don’t even use all of the clubs in their golf bag.  Looking back to last summer, I can honestly say I pretty much used the same clubs every time I went golfing.  My clubs mostly consist of: my driver, hybrid (3 or 5), 9-iron, 7-iron, pitching wedge and putter.  I literally think I used my 8-iron twice and I hardly ever used my 3 or 5 wood for those fairway shots.

Now I am not a great golfer – I have a lot of learning to do!  But when I feel comfortable with certain clubs I use, then it’s hard for me to switch or try something new. I have had my clubs for about 10 years – I feel it’s ready for a new set.  So how do I choose what to get?  During these rough, uncertain times it’s not like you just go from store to store searching for the perfect clubs. You don’t get to try multiple drivers or irons — I mean, maybe you can but who wants to be out all day looking for the perfect set??  Not me…

My go-to for shopping is word of mouth, ratings on certain clubs and brand.  I like to read exactly what that club has to offer me and how it will work for my specific game. With me not being a beginner, but not being an advanced golfer, I know I need something that will enhance my game and not hinder it.

When I go golfing with friends, I see all sorts of golf clubs. Some people even re-grip theirs, because they love their clubs and do not want to get new ones. I think I will know when it’s time for me to trade out my good ol’ clubs for new ones!  Until then, I am sure I will continue to use the same ones, over and over.  Besides, why try to fix something that’s not broken, right?? Haha…

I do know that when I buy new ones, I am going to consider not buying every single club. I don’t think you need every single iron.  Do we really need 2 or more woods for the fairway?  Do we need a chipping and a sand wedge?  Maybe so and if you do, I think that’s great!  But, I think you have to purchase clubs that fix your ability. For me, I am not the worst nor the best golfer out there so my next purchase of golf clubs will be more to fit my current ability and the possibility to adjust when I improve in the future.

At the end of the day, it is so exciting to buy new clubs!!  It is so fun to get out there and see what each brand has to offer.  Shoot, I even like looking at golf balls that will go along with my clubs and ability.