Tips on Playing Golf in the Cold

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I never really thought about some of these tips I read about. I always figured that why would I go out in freezing cold weather and play golf?? Who in their right mind would do that?? Well, there are lots of people that do. You see, just because it’s colder outside, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the game of golf.

I remember one year here in Utah, we had golfers out on the course clear into November. We get all 4 seasons here, so it was strange to be golfing that time of year. It was chilly, but definitely not bad enough to close down the courses. I loved that my dad and all his friends could continue their Wednesday night league and that my mom and I could continue our Monday night ladies league. It sure was fun seeing all those Fall colors as we went from hole to hole!

Some tips I learned about golfing in the cold are:

*Keep your hands warm

*Prepare yourself the night before by watching the weather report

*Hydrate yourself while out in the cold

*Don’t expect your game to be perfect or the same as when you golf in warmer weather

*Stretch before going out and try to warm up your body

*Go out for the fun of it, don’t be too serious

The first tip was something I felt was definitely needed. Keeping your hands warm is extremely important when golfing. You don’t want your hands feeling like two frozen sticks. Who would be able to swing the club with those?? It would definitely cause some issues for your game. I also loved reading how you should stretch beforehand. Warming your body up and getting those muscles loose was a great idea!

Another tip I really enjoyed reading about was don’t expect too much from yourself. I always find that I’m comparing my game to the last one I played. Whether I do better or worse, I’m always expecting too much out of myself. My spouse does the same thing so we actually joke about it, haha.  But I think if you realize you are golfing in colder conditions and you are going out there for the fun of it, you will actually enjoy yourself more!

Hydrating yourself is always good no matter what, but the experts claim that it’s even more important in colder and hotter temperatures. When you are golfing in mid to average temps, you don’t really feel the need to hydrate yourself so much. But when you are golfing in hotter than normal or cooler than normal temps, you definitely need to keep your body hydrated! You’ll feel better after your game as well and you’ll find you are golfing better too.

If you live somewhere that doesn’t have cooler seasons, then you probably have never thought about something like this. For me, I liked reading about it since I do live where we get not only Fall, but Winter months. This year in particular we are having a more dry winter. I have seen golfers out on random weekends when the snow hasn’t hit yet. We now have snow on the ground, but it’s nothing like it has been in year’s past.  Maybe we’ll get a early Spring and the golfers will be all over the courses!

I sure hope so, because I am ready to get back to the game I love!