What do you prefer — 9 holes or 18 holes??

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I thought this was such a fun topic to talk about.  Why do I think that? Well because I feel there is a difference in golfing 9 holes versus 18 holes. While most of your golf courses offer an 18-hole option, a lot of them also offer a 9-hole option. I typically golf at courses that have a front 9 and a back 9.  Anyone else have this in your area?

So for me, I love to golf but I can’t say I’m amazing at it. I enjoy going out and being with family and friends. I enjoy challenging myself, which is something golf definitely does! I enjoy a nice breeze while golfing — not a super hot day. I think I stay more consistent when golfing only 9 holes. When I golf 18 holes, I feel myself getting more tired and frustrated towards the 12th hole or so…. that is not always the case though.

Most tournaments I’ve played in are an 18-hole tournament. You don’t typically only golf 9 holes when there are prizes and money on the line, haha… but what I have done is made sure I signed up for a 4-man scramble. That means you are taking the best shot from the 4 players instead of having to golf your own game. I really enjoy this style of playing!

When I do golf 9 holes on my own, I find that it is a perfect fit for me. Someone who hasn’t been golfing their whole life tends to feel more comfortable with a shorter golf game. I seem to stay more focused and enjoy myself more. Whenever I have golfed 18 holes on my own, I am always regretting it later. Not because I don’t like to golf or that I’m not enjoying myself. But, I realize that I end up putting so much pressure on my game that it gets tiring after so many holes.

Plus, have you noticed how an 18-hole golf game can last you all day?? Yes, they say to plan on around 4 hours for 18 holes, but I have definitely been out there for over 6 hours before. We’ve either had slower people in front of us, holding us up, or we’ve been in a tournament that has a lot of people/teams. Therefore, it is taking longer for the 4-somes to get through all those holes.

For 9 holes, you typically plan on 2 hours and it’s rare that I go over that time. If you want to play a quick game after work and be home in time for dinner – then I suggest a 9-hole game. If you are heading out on a weekend and have all day to enjoy yourself, then I would suggest an 18-hole game.

So think about it and let me know what you prefer  — maybe it depends and you enjoy both!  That is great and as long as you’re having a good time, then awesome. After all, golf is such a challenging sport and the only person you are truly competing against is yourself.  Once the weather here in Utah clears up and we see warmer days coming – I’m going to be all over that 9-hole golf course!