What do you really need for golf?

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I never thought of this before, but there are more than just golf clubs you need to play the game of golf.  Sure, there are essential things you need like clubs, a bag to hold them in, golf glove, possibly golf shoes, etc.  But, what you really need is more than that.  You need focus, a good attitude and great friends or family to join you! (this will be a completely different blog to talk about)

First of all, when it comes to your golf clubs you actually don’t need every single iron or wood. If you’re like me, you literally use the same clubs over and over. Ones that you are comfortable with and you know go well with your golf game. Clubs that you hit well and feel are right for your swing. The brand of the clubs doesn’t always matter either. I know several people who have all different brands of clubs in their bag. I actually like that and feel it is great to have a variety!

Second, you don’t necessarily need a golf glove. I use one, because I feel it helps me grip the club a lot better. I have seen many people use two golf gloves actually. The one I have has a ball marker on it so that is a plus for me, haha! But there are many people who don’t use a golf glove at all. I have friends who claim it throws their swing off by having a glove on.

Third, golf shoes — do we really need them?? Well, some would say yes and I am not sure I agree or disagree with that. I have 2 pairs of golf shoes and I like them both, but there have been many times I will golf in tennis shoes. To me, they are more comfortable and easier to take on a golf trip. If I had to wear golf shoes every time I golfed, I would be taking 2 pairs of shoes everywhere we went. I am not about to walk around town in golf shoes. They do help on the course though when you’re searching for those lost balls, ha!

Lastly, a golf cart. Do you always ride around in a golf cart or do you prefer to walk the course? For me, it depends. If the course is long and wide, I may opt out of walking and prefer to drive. If the course is shorter and the weather is beautiful, I may want to walk. If the golf course is busy and I don’t want to hold people up, I may decide to ride in the cart. Another point is if I would like to snack and have a drink on the course, I do not want to carry all of that in my bag that goes on my shoulder. So I think many things play into whether you walk or ride.

Overall, there are many things you need for the game of golf — luckily, it isn’t much when you put it all together.  Once you have the clubs you enjoy playing with, the bag you like, the shoes you are comfortable in and the cart (walking or not) – you are ready to go!  It is snowing today here in Utah. As much as I do like the snow and all it’s beauty, just writing this blog is making me miss golf season. Can’t wait to get out there and enjoy the game!!