What does the game of golf mean to you?

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Golf has been in my life since I can remember. My dad, his brothers, friends, my mom, aunts, grandparents….it seemed like everyone in our family golfed. I can remember riding around in the golf cart with my dad and him teaching me all the do’s and don’ts of the game.  He would say “you never drive the cart on the green”.  He would tell me how you always be respectful and never hit into other golfers.  If you do, there is the famous saying you shout “FOUR”….haha!  I definitely have heard that a handful of times, haha. He would say to be silent when others are trying to hit their ball or putt.

My dad has been in a golf league for a very long time. I, as well, joined one when I was younger and single. I loved my Monday night golf league! I loved the social aspect of it, but mostly I enjoyed playing the game after a long day at work. Sometimes that didn’t mean I played well, haha, but I still enjoyed being outside in the fresh air. I enjoyed playing a game that felt like home to me!

I remember sitting at home on a weekend and watching the golf channel with my dad. I recall all the famous players like Tiger Woods breaking records and playing their best games. My all-time favorite player has always been Phil Mickelson!  I loved how he reminded me of a true gentleman. Watching him play and the way he respected his fellow players always amazed me. It also amazed me how much he supports his wife and is such a family man. I used to love hearing the game of golf in the background as we cleaned the house or cooked.

Personally, the game of golf has become very close to my heart. My dad has held an annual golf tournament every year for over 10 years. It started with just a few teams made up of his closest friends. It quickly grew to a huge golf tournament with so many teams signing up we had to double each hole in order to get them all in. We would have a huge raffle and we always gave back to the golfers with cash, prizes, a great lunch, etc. It truly was such a fun time!

My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney disease a few years ago. With that being said, he held his last golf tournament last year. It was extra special and it was the biggest turnout we’ve ever had! I was humbled to see all the donations that people gave us and the amount of support my dad received. Even though we give it right back to the golfers, it made my dad so happy to know he had so many supporters out there! He is currently doing well and keeping his levels up, so I truly believe that the game of golf has played a positive role in his life.

I now have 2 daughters that I would love to introduce golf to as they get older. Riding around in the golf cart is something I will never forget and I want them to experience the same.  Whether they decide to golf or not, it never hurts to make memories with your children and family!