GoSports Golf Alignment Training Sticks 3 Pack | Golf Alignment Aid Practice Rods

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Golf Alignment

Brand: GoSports

Color: Green


  • GOLF ALIGNMENT STICKS: Master your swing with perfect alignment every time! Set includes 3 golf alignment sticks (48” length) for improved training that will shave strokes off your score
  • IMMEDIATE IMPROVEMENT: Practice fundamentals to land closer to your target: ensure proper posture (shoulders, feet, hips), ball alignment, club alignment and swing plane for achieving optimal impact
  • PRACTICE SMARTER: Alignment sticks feature a pointed tip for easily staking into the ground and setting up for ball striking drills and more
  • FOLDABLE DESIGN: Compact alignment sticks fold in half for easy storage in any golf bag making them easy to take on the go for practice

Details: The GoSports Golf Alignment Sticks are a versatile training aid for practicing alignment (body, standce and club), swing plane, ball position and more. To setup the alignment sticks, simply connect the 2 pole sections of each stick and position them as desired for practice.