Vectorputt tm - USGA Approved Golf Ball Markers - Double Sided Golf Ball Marker with hat Clip (30mm)

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Golf Ball Markers

Brand: Vectorputt

Golf Ball Markers Features:

  • USGA approved design conforms with the Rules of Golf and can be used for professional and amateur events
  • Single coin with different alignment patterns on each side
  • Magnetic hat clip for easy accessability during a round
  • Golf alignment made simple – a great putting alignment tool to improve your game!
  • The perfect golf tournament give away or goody bag item – bulk pricing available

Details: VECTORPUTT is the first golf ball markers to provide a golfer with “visual certainty” of replacing a golf ball on the green with its imprint set on the exact path identified as the line to the hole. Using VECTORPUTT greatly enhances your ability to putt the ball on the correct path to the hole. Lag putts will have a much greater chance of getting close or even of going in, while short putts can become almost automatic! Reduce or eliminate three-putting from your round while dramatically improving your chances of holing any length of putt, especially those from six feet or closer! Using VECTORPUTT is the most innovative and consistent way to make significant improvements to your putting. VECTORPUTT is USGA approved for all professional and amateur play (United States Golf Association).