Izzo Golf Flatball Swing Golf Training Aid

$12.99 $10.49


Izzo Golf

Brand: Izzo

Color: White

Izzo Golf Features:

  • Unique shape of the flat ball shows you if you have too steep or shallow of golf swing
  • Helps establish proper swing plans

Details: Get the best golf swing you’ve ever had with the Izzo Golf Flatball Swing Golf Training Aid! The Flatball is a new and innovative Golf Swing Training Aid. The Flatball is a soft rubber disk that is the same diameter as a real golf ball but is only 1/4″ high. When you address it, it looks like a regular golf ball but it is much harder to hit if you don’t have the correct swing plane. When you get good at hitting the Flatball, you will never hit a real golf ball “Fat” or “Thin” again. The unique shape of this golf training aid shows you if you have too steep or too shallow of a golf swing. The Flatball is great for full-swing practice indoors or outdoors. Soft flexible material allows you to practice indoors without worrying about damage to walls or furniture. Most of all, the Flatball is fun and satisfying to hit so it makes practicing enjoyable while you “groove” your swing. They’re easy to throw in your golf bag when you go to the range, or use them right in your own backyard.