Eagole Lightweight Golf Bag,14 way Top and Full Length Divider ,10 Pockets (Black)

$148.99 $123.49


Lightweight Golf Bag


Color: Black


  • 9 pockets(refer to images) including 2 full length for Apparel (each side), 2 for valuables with velour-lined, and Insulated Cooler Pocket: 9 inches wide, 12 inches tall, 5 inches deep, it can hold 8 bottles of 12 oz cans plus 4 thin ice packs.
  • 3 integrated molded grab handles for easy lifting, which makes it easy to get in and out of the car and cart. E-Trolley base system designed to fit push/pull carts as well as riding carts
  • 9.5 11 inch 14 way top with individual full length club dividers offers a space for every club and the front slot for oversized grip putter , example, superstroke 3.0 grip or mallet putter (oversized grip)
  • 5 years manufacture Limited, Fabric : Nylon (super light),
  • Comfortable transport with strap on back, Rain hood included.

Details: This lightweight golf bag has 9 pockets’ Functions A. the Insulated thermal pocket can hold 8~10 cans (12 ounce)B. 2 pockets on both side are big and wide enough for your golf shoes or apparel (sweater, wind breaker, towel)C. 2 pockets on both side are wide enough for Rainhood, Club covers, Arc, Armband, CapD. 2 pockets (water proof zipper and velour fabric inside) on both side are for valuables E. 1 pocket is for balls (around 10 pcs)F. 1 pocket is for Marker, Pencil, Ball liner, Golf Tee, GPS2. Ring for Towel and Velcro Fabric for your Golf glove3. Umbrella Rope can hold it tightly4. 14 Way Full length Divider is designed to hold an entire set of golf clubs with a space for each individual club and offers a space for every club 5. 14 way top divider can hold a superstroke 3.0 grip, mallet putter6. The bag strap is a single strap. This is really just a cart bag.7. Rain hood included, 8. Fabric: Nylon. (Patten similar to rip stop)Nice driver shot makes feel better , Nice putting end a game beautifully, return home with only good memory. Enjoy your golf with Eagole.