haphealgolf Microfiber Waffle Golf Towel (2 Pack) 16" x 21" Tri-fold Microfiber Waffle with Carabiner Clip (Black+Gray)

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Microfiber Waffle Golf Towel

Brand: haphealgolf

Color: 1 Gray+1 Black


  • Better Water Absorption and Fast Drying–The microfiber waffle golf towel uses special technique to divide the filament into eight,the cross section of microfiber look like asterisk at the magnification.This cross section increase the surface area and the porosity of microfiber.It use a special waffle groove pattern to trap and absorb water droplets.So this towel have better water absorption and fast drying characteristics than other towels.
  • Better Ability to Remove Dirt–The microfiber towel have better ability to remove dirt,mud,sand,grass than other towels, because the microfiber towel’s special cross-section can be more effective to capture as little as a few microns of dust particles.
  • Easier Clean and Wash–When the ordinary towel is used, it will be rubbed on the surface of the dust, grease, dirt and other direct absorption to the fiber inside, after use in the fiber, not easy to remove, with a long time or even hard to lose flexibility. The microfiber towel can adsorb on dirt between the microfiber, the microfiber towel have stronger adsorption capacity.So you can easier clean the microfiber towel use only water or a little detergent.
  • Super Touch and Good Experience–Light-Weight.Easy to Take. Lint free.Soft touch and good handfeeling.Delicate edge and dense stitch, durable.Antistatic long life quality.
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Details: About The Item:

This golf towel is made of microfiber.
This soft, absorbent microfiber towel is lightweight and quickly drying.
Intended for dry or damp use to wipe down all golf equipment.
Complete with sewn side hems and a carabiner clip for attaching to your golf or duffel bag.

Size: 16″ x 21″

1 Pack  0.22lb/100gram

2 Pack  0.44lb/200gram

3 Pack  0.66lb/300gram


Light-Weight,Easy to Take and Soft.

Soft touch and good hand feeling.

Easy to wash and dry.

Super absorbent and Lint free.

Delicate edge and dense stitch, durable.

Microfiber waffle golf towel.