WINNERSPIRIT Real Swing Golf 300, Golf Swing Training Aid, True Impact, The Path to Confirm, Height Adjustable, Sturdy Construction, Swing Trainer, Portable

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Real Swing Golf


Color: Real Swing Golf 300 | Golf Swing Training Aid | True Impact | The Path to Confirm | Height Adjustable |


  • Use any club-woods or irons | Swing Exerciser with Actual hitting and 3 levels of height adjustable | Golf ball parts can be replaced | No battery needed
  • Preventing Head-up: It knows possible the swing trajectory without looking at the direction in which the ball is flying. This produces an excellent effect on the user suffering from head-up in a short period of time.
  • For left-or right-handed golfers | Correcting the Swing Position: Swing result allows the users to be aware of their swing status, which helps to correct their swing position.
  • Maintaining Your Actual Swing Rhythm: You can practice swing with minimum space. This helps you maintain your actual swing rhythm.
  • The enjoyable swing practices help you waist exercise and improve your muscular strength.


✅ You can conveniently enjoy actual swing practices with your family, regardless of time and place.
You may practice at your office, apartment living room, and rooftop.

✅ As you hit the ball, it rotates 360 degrees, from its original position, which allows the users to visually check their swing position.
This helps you to correct your swing position through repeated practice.

✅ From repeated practices, beginners or those who suffer from head-ups may find them useful for the field swing.

✅ The height of the practice ball can be adjusted to three levels according to the user’s convenience,
which allows it to be used as any clubs including drivers and irons.

✅ It is not only enjoyable to hit the actual practice ball, but also helps you to strengthen your muscles.

Quality indication

• Product Name: WINNERSPIRIT REAL SWING Golf 300 Swing Exerciser
• Model Name: WSI-300
• Material: PC, URETHANE, steel, PVC, artificial turf
• Specification- Item Dimensions: 27.5 x 17.7 x 13 Inches
Package Dimensions: 24.4 X 14.6 X 3.5 inches
Package Weight:13.42 lb

• Manufacturer: ENCOM Co., Ltd
• Origin: Made in South Korea