TaylorMade Golf Balls; Tour Response Golf Ball, White, Dozen

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TaylorMade Golf Balls

Brand: TaylorMade

Color: White

TaylorMade Golf Balls Features:

  • SPIN: Increased groove interaction to generate more back spin around the green
  • FEEL: Soft flexible material with increased elastic components for better feel
  • DURABILITY: Crosslinking chemical reaction forms an irreversible link for better shear resistance

Release Date: 28-02-2020

Details: TaylorMade golf balls; 2020 Tour Response Golf BallsFeatures: * 100% soft Tour cast urethane cover creates better spin, feel and durability * High spring core provides effortless compression for faster speed and longer distance * Increased groove interaction generates high wedge spin and soft feel around the greens * 3-layer construction * 322 seamless dimple pattern * TaylorMade compression rating of 70 * Available in a 12-ball pack