TaylorMade TP5 Pix USA Golf Balls; Unique Golf Balls (One Dozen)

$70.99 $58.49


Unique Golf Balls

Brand: TaylorMade

Color: USA PIX (Red/White/Blue)


  • Easier to see. Multi-Color graphics allow for better visibility during both high and low light hours.
  • Spin feedback. Large contrasting graphics provide overall spin feedback around the green.
  • DURABILITY. Uncoating graphics increase image duraility.
  • MORE SPEED IN THE MOST COMPLETE TOUR BALL. TP5 pix utilizes a 5-layer golf ball construction that is specifically engineered to perform with every club in your bag. Adding in a proprietary HFM material, TP5 is now faster than before.

Release Date: 02-09-2019

Details: TP5 pix provides the golfer with more visibility in the NEW TP5 unique golf balls. A multi-color single graphic design gives the golfer better visibility during both high and low light hours making TP5 pix easier to see. Along with an under coating print and large contrasting graphics for visible spin generation, TP5 pix gives the golfer better visibility and spin feedback in the most complete tour ball.